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Living Beyond Duality

A new workshop led by the Elohim, powered by the Orion Star System of the 8th Dimension

Channeled by Amara Tia Ann. www.acast.me

25 and 26 May 2019

The human body can be considered as both a gift and a curse. While it is a vehicle for creating and enjoying our Earth experiences, the body, through the workings of the human mind, also projects its inherent polarity to our physical realities. This resulting illusory perception of separation from the Whole forms the basis for all fear-based thoughts and expressions.

The Adam Kadmon Recoded - presents a timely opportunity to enable an quickened evolution of our mind, so we may manifest realities on Earth without the effects of fear and duality. Be vibrationally upgraded by the insightful teachings and powerful energy activations channeled from the Elohim guides... Be the Recoded Adam Kadmon!

A new body of work for

  • Transcending mind limitations of projecting duality in the world of matter
  • Evolving beyond illusory perception of fear and scarcity
  • Manifesting effectively with non-dual thoughts.

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Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer
LH-R2 Lemurian Harmonizer
Lemurian Agricultural Harmonizer

• Environmental clearing • Air pollution clearing • Energy balancing • EMF pollution reduction • Remove negativities • Positive effect  on you and people in your vicinity • Create harmony in yourself and your environment • Enhance positive intentions • Bring environment into a state of harmony • Improve overall health and well-being • Raise personal frequency and vibration • Raise one's consciousness • Help enhance plant growth • Reduce storm severity • Reduce harmful effects of chemtrails • Bring in more spiritual light to the environment • Increase the frequency of the home, workplace and environment • Improve both personal life and business • Create good karma

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Discover new and exciting ways to great secrets for a life of empowerment, synchronicity, lightness, joy and ease.


Ask anyone who had experienced an Energy Clearing Session to explain what it is about, and the person will most likely say, “Uumm...I don’t know. I  can’t really explain it, but I felt wonderful afterwards.” 

The session is quite difficult to describe because the experience is unique and different for everyone.  And indeed, it is an experience to cherish and behold.  Sometimes people see colors as they are getting cleared.  Sometimes they travel across time and see their past life.  Sometimes they travel through space, go to a different dimension and see other parts of the universe.  Other times people just get so relaxed and fall asleep peacefully.  The experiences are just so varied.

These are some of the words used by the participants after an Energy Clearing Session: relaxed, peaceful, light, different, wow, powerful, happy, unique, hopeful, empowered, spiritual, renewed, calm, etc.

Nature heals. Spend time with Nature.  --  https://youtu.be/mQ9eLedGeBs  --

Clearing will help transform your life -- heal your body, mind and soul!

Your external life is always a mirror of your inner self. If you have issues about money, health, relationships, negative emotions, addictions, etc., these are happening because you have blockages that need to be cleared and let go.  These blockages can come from many sources -- past lives, traumas, negative beliefs and programmings, vows and agreements, negative thought forms such as psychic attacks, negative thoughts and feelings, negative entities, non-beneficial earth energies, and the like.

Clearing these causes and blockages will result to higher frequencies which will bring about inner joy, peace, ease of living, prosperity, synchronicity, lightness of being, self-empowerment, awareness, enlightenment, spirituality and other positive energies and changes in life. As you clear, you will gradually experience Heaven on Earth. What bothered you before will not matter anymore.  You will remain centered and unaffected by the myriad of negativity going on around you. Blessings will start pouring into your life without struggle and with the least effort.  Your physical body and aura will glow as a result of your higher vibration.