Life Is What You Make It


Did an act of service yesterday.  Space cleared my beloved country, the Philippines. Blessings to all!



I would like to share with you an email I received from Betsy Morgan Coffman.

- Moi


Orion Channeling - March 11, 2016


Dear Channeling Friends,

We are doing some MAJOR shifting.  We are going to be completely new people within 2 years. Orion wants to help us to prepare and make our transition easier. This is what Spirit told me about me...and now Spirit is telling me this about you. Here is A most Important Channeling!                       

   Thank you for helping me to get the Word out.

 Do daily if you want to ride the wave through this current sludge
 into the next Higher Dimension!

1.  Meditate 20 to 30 minutes or more every day ~ & then listen to your personal instructions from God (usually they are instructions for the day, but sometimes bigger)

2.  Bring in the Divine Light...  AND = Cut the cords to yesterday and everyday before today.  Then: Forgive and release yourself and everyone.

3.  Ask your highest and best guides, ascended masters, and angels to cleanse and guide you. Bring their Light through your body & field for healing & Truth.

4.  Say silently the Lord's Prayer.  Meditate on the true meaning.  Take your time.

5.  Do a thorough chakra cleanse: bring the Light of God into each chakra ~ then radiate it out through each layer of your aura.  

6.  Ground into Gaia..Lift into Father Sky. Extend your newly cleanse aura even bigger. Let the Light move gently and brightly though it.

7.  Tell yourself daily "God's Divine Presence is in my heart now."  Then as the day continues, tell yourself from time to time:

     A.  God is the one living this life. 

     B.  God is the one resting now.

     C.  God is going walking now. 

     D.  Etc

8.   Remind yourself that you ARE NOT SEPARATE FROM GOD....EVER!!!

Remind yourself that you ARE the Light.  That there is NO power greater than God's.

9.   Remind yourself that a great & amazing process of Light is shifting and = changing you into an Enlightened Begin & it is upsetting the ego tremendously (making you believe it is YOU that is upset, rather than your ego). You are NOT your ego, unless you forget. 

10.  Rest more often.  Laugh more often.  Remind yourself that this dimension is an illusion more often. Consciously choose to be at peace & to Trust.

You are okay!  In fact ~ You are perfect!  It's just an amazing and powerful shift is happening to you now.  Why you get worried, emotional, angry is because you are very sensitive to the energies.  You ARE protected even though there are energies not of the Light that may annoy you...but ~ they are harnessed by God, so they can't hurt you!!!  But!  They know they might scare you, so they are trying very hard to do that.  It is your part and purpose to remember who you are = A powerful child of God who has inherited the Kingdom of Heaven.  This is a test....the way through is to remember that at the level of Truth, at the core of your Being = it's not real.  Decree: "I AM the Light!"


Remember your healing is "complete".

You are already whole. You are already the Light.

It's only the thoughts in your mind that you have to heal.

With Eternal Love
~ Betsy & Orion 


Yahoo! I published my website today!

It took me only two days to create this site. Thanks to SimDif.