Programmed Crystals & Lemurian Harmonizing Tools

In order to help clear as many people and places as I can, I found a method to effectively program crystals so that just by wearing them or having them in your space, you are already gradually clearing yourself, other people and the spaces where these crystals are.  This seems so effortless but it is truly powerful!

These programmed crystals are unique products. They cannot be reproduced by just anyone even if the materials are reproduced exactly.  The powers of the crystals come from the programming, consciousness and vibration or frequency of the makers of the crystals.

Metatron Pendant

The  Metatron Pendant has six programmed crystals (amethyst and smokey quartz) charged powerfullywith healing, zest for life, joy, happiness, peace, good health, abundance, prosperity, love and much more.

This pendant is also programmed to clear and remove negative energies, hexes, curses, spells, black magic, bad medicine, witchcraft, psychic attacks, hypnotic programming, negative feelings, and negative effects of stress and stressors.

Other benefits include feeling of lightness, increased wellness, better flow of ‘chi’ or energy in your body, more strength and vitality, improved quality of sleep, increased sense of self-empowerment.

Crystal Quartz Generator

The Crystal Quartz Generator is powerfully charged and programmed to remove, clear, balance, neutralize and transmute a space—within a 50-meter radius—of negative and noxious energies such as negative entities, negative thought-forms and emotion-forms, negative memory patterns and vibrations, EMF or electromagnetic fields, and the like.  It is also programmed to give healing and harmony to the space and its occupants, and to attract Higher Beings of 100% Light, such as angels, into the space if you choose to invite them in.

You may take this generator with you everywhere you go to clear any space you are in like hotel rooms, seminar rooms, office spaces, hospital rooms, etc. or you may just leave it in your home.

People such as meta physicians and healers consider the quartz crystal generator as a sacred and potent device for healing and helping achieve deeper meditations.  It is also a powerful generator of energy and can magnify and radiate any programming that is transmitted to it.

Water Clearing Crystals

Water is alive!  Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of “Messages from Water” clearly demonstrates how positive or negative words can affect the structure of water crystals. Give your personal space (home, office, bedroom, etc.) a good “bath” and clearing by spraying it with water transformed by the energy of  Water Clearing Crystals.

Water Clearing Crystals consist of four powerfully charged and programmed crystals to remove, clear, balance, neutralize and transmute a space of negative and noxious energies such as negative entities, negative thought-forms and emotion-forms, negative memory patters and vibrations and the like.

In addition, Water Clearing Crystals are powerfully charged with these positive energies:  gratitude, trust, peace, light, serenity, patience, focus, super consciousness, forgiveness, creative power, pure feelings, pure thoughts, calmness, harmony, healing, strength, letting go, purification, humility, grounding, unconditional love, absorbing Divine Reality, linking to your Divine Self, transforming resistance, grace, fulfillment, security, light absorption, zest for life, joy, happiness, good health.

Spraying water transformed by these crystals will cleanse, clear, energize and transform your space into the positive energies programmed into the crystals.


• Environmental clearing • Air pollution clearing • Energy balancing • EMF pollution reduction • Remove negativities • Positive effect  on you and people in your vicinity • Create harmony in yourself and your environment • Enhance positive intentions • Bring environment into a state of harmony • Improve overall health and well-being • Help enhance plant growth • Reduce storm severity • Reduce harmful effects of chemtrails • Bring in more spiritual light to the environment • Increase the frequency of the home, workplace and environment • Improve both personal life and business • Create good karma

A. Lemurian Agricultural Harmonizer ™ with Golden Lemurian Seed Crystal

Comes in Sterling Silver, 14K Gold Plate or Rose Gold and our new release, Gaia Green Gold

Originally in the early days, similar models were intended for agricultural purposes, but it can be used to clear any large tract of land. The LAH is great if you live in a metropolitan area and have a desire to uplift the energy of the entire city. The effects of EMF transmissions appear to reduce, air quality tends to improve, and it has been noticed that crop production increases whole crop pests tend to vamoose. This version of the Lemurian Harmonizer™ collection is larger and so is its Toroidal field effect. Without sound frequencies, it covers a distance of about a mile and a half. When the Lemurian Clearing CD is played into it, the radius expands to sixty-five miles. The sound frequencies should be running at least two hours a day to maintain the larger field effect. As with the Lemurian Environmental Harmonizer, many people press the repeat button and leave the sound on 24/7.This unit comes in gold or silver and comes with the Clearing CD and a beautiful TC 9 cm Energy Plate made from hand polished glass. These plates are tuned to the orbit of the Earth and Venus around the Sun, creating a gently flowing energy. Emblazoned with the Flower of Life symbol in 24 carat gold at approximately 750 degrees F, they make a perfect resting place from which to launch the powerful effects of the LEH and also amplifies the vitalizing effects.