Clearing Frequencies

Clearing Frequencies




Previously known as the “Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course”, this powerful healing program was first commissioned in 2008 and relaunched in 2012-2015 with a revised edition. In the past three years, the galactic frequencies dawning on Earth have become unprecedently prevalent and noticeable, as they further accelerate the awakening of the human consciousness and its higher dimensional light bodies. This phenomenon, in turn, brings about a pressing need to equip the human physical and emotional bodies with tools for integrating these stellar frequencies safely and steadily. The other reason for introducing the vibrationally upgraded course, entitled “Sirius Star Rising”, at the close of 2019, is to anchor and disseminate expediently the latest ascension codes that will be retrieved at the ancient temples and power sites during the upcoming Egypt Sacred Tour (read more about tour at

For Whom

This course is suitable for anyone who is keen to learn a structured and skill-based energy healing methodology for improving overall wellness and quickening one’s spiritual awakening. It may also appeal to energy therapists who enjoy working with the divine feminine healing force, the Sirius star system and/or the most advanced galactic frequencies currently accessible by mankind. No prior knowledge in energy healing is required.


This comprehensive and in-depth training offers the following benefits:  
  • A strong foundation for aspiring healers 
  • Opportunity for participants to unlock their innate healing ability
  • Powerful techniques for self-healing, healing others and reprogramming the human energetic body for anchoring the 5th dimensional frequency i.e. to unfold the galactic light body
  • Quickened connection with the goddess frequencies and qualities transmitted by Egyptian deities Isis and Hathor
  • Energy attunements to Goddess Isis, Hathor and the Sirius High Council
  • Deeper appreciation of your human existence and lineage with the stars


Goddess Isis (Auset)

Remembered by Man as an enlightened consciousness of ancient Egyptian lineage, Goddess Isis (Auset) is often associated with healing, alchemy and the lunar energy. She embodies the divine feminine qualities of creative power, protection of freewill, regality and inner wisdom. During ancient Egypt, she was endowed with the title ‘Goddess of 10,000 Names’, as it was believed that all goddesses are an aspect of herself. A master in spiritual science, Goddess Isis’ healing works like magic. She lovingly supports all her initiates on becoming great healers themselves. The higher self of Goddess Isis is a galactic being from the Sirius star constellation.    

Goddess Hathor

Goddess Hathor is known as the patroness for the Hathorian Mystery Schools in ancient Egypt, a powerful lineage of healing and magic over lit by the Pleiades Star System. Through esoteric practices, including trance dance, chants, rituals and sacred circles, the Hathorian priestesses embodied and amplified their patroness’ distinctive qualities of joy, vitality, fertility and sensuality. Supporting Goddess Isis in leading the “Sirius Star Rising” healing course, Goddess Hathor will gift her initiates with energy attunement and techniques for mastering self-love via the emotional body.  

Sirius, in its 3rd-dimensional aspect, is the brightest star visible from the earth’s sky. As well as being the energy portal to the Milky-Way galaxy, Sirius is a much-evolved consciousness of the 5th and 6th dimensional frequencies and is presided by the Sirius High Council. The Sirians, our brothers and sisters of higher evolution, have long been monitoring and supporting the human evolution since the Great Experiment – the seeding of the human race as a physical embodiment of un-awakened galactic consciousness. The Inter-Galactic Federation of Light, of which the Sirius High Council is a member, has been earnestly guiding humanity through its spiritual quickening by anchoring and stabilizing the 5th dimension consciousness on Earth and in the human body. It is indeed a wonderful blessing to receive energy attunements from the Sirius High Council and the two Goddesses during this critical transitory time.

Course Format

This is a 2-day intensive course involving teaching, skills training, hands-on practice and energy attunements (Goddess Isis, Goddess Hathor and the Sirius High Council). A variety of healing tools will be taught including crystal, ancient symbology and mantras.

Each participant is encouraged to bring along a clear quartz terminator crystal to be attuned for the healing course. The healing crystal is not included in the course fee.

Course Contents


Theme: The Human Chakra Body as the Gateway to Wellness

Lecture Topics

  • Human Body and its Chakra System: Understanding the Four Lower Bodies and their Inter-connection
  • Significance of Ancient Egypt from a Human Evolution and Healing Perspective
  • Role of Spirit Guides in Healing Process: Egyptian Goddesses Isis and Hathor
  • Principles of Energy Healing
  • Healing symbology and tools: Pyramid, crystal and mantras
  • Dis-eases and their associated Metaphysical Lessons: circulatory, excretory and lymphatic systems  

Healing Techniques

  • Invocation of healing guides, Goddess Isis and Hathor
  • Health maintenance through chakra body alignment and re-balancing
  • Empowering the Emotional Body
  • Harmonizing vibrational disorders underlying physical symptoms: circulatory, excretory and lymphatic systems
  • Energy Protection
  • Use of healing tool: clear quartz crystal


Theme: Awaken your Galactic Light Body for an Accelerated Evolution 

Lecture Topics

  • The Creation Process and the concepts of Monad, Soul and Ego
  • Ancient Egyptian science of birth and death: the “BA”, “KA” and “Mer-Ka-Bah” Bodies
  • Introducing Sirius: The Blue Constellation and portal to the Milky-Way galaxy
  • Unfolding the Galactic-Self through the ancient Egyptian healing arts
  • Ark of Covenant: symbology of the human’s Galactic Lineage
  • 5th Dimensional (5D) Human Energy Field: the Galactic Light Body enabling your Ascension

Healing and Activation Techniques

  • Invocation of healing guides, the Sirius High Council
  • Activation of your MER-KA-BAH
  • Activation of higher chakras of 5D light body
  • 12-strand DNA Recoding
  • Healing the “BA” body through soul retrieval
  • Overall re-balancing of 5D energy system


The course title, Sirius Star Rising, sounds really interesting. What is the underlying message?

Sirius is the brightest star that is visible from any part of Earth. It is believed that as a multi-dimensional energy portal, Sirius is the gateway to the heart of the Milky Way galaxy of which the Earth and the Solar System belong to, spiritually and energetically speaking.

Words contain healing vibrations.

The course title carries the higher intention of quickening the spiritual awakening of the users and all those whom they share these healing gifts through an expanded awareness of Sirius as the evolved sister-star of Earth and a powerful healing support for mankind. 


So, what then is healing and why do you think picking up energy healing knowledge and skills is important?

Simply put, to heal is to restore health in a mental, emotional and/or physical sense. From a metaphysical perspective, it means to rebalance the human energy system to bring about a greater level of well being.

Learning a energy healing modality has several advantages. The most obvious of which,I would think, is to minimise the risk of contracting a dis-sease or illness by applying the healing techniques and frequencies on oneself regularly as a ‘preventive measure’. Other benefits include an expanded self-awareness, heightened intuitiveness, greater sense of empowerment and the ability to offer healing support to family and loved ones.


What would you say are the unique features of this particular healing modality?

Sirius Star Rising© was developed based on the healing science, philosophies and practices of the ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools which, in terms of lineage, were much related to ancient Atlantis. It is believed that both civilisations had achieved phenomenal advancement in healing, spirituality and other disciplines largely by cultivating a deep and conscious connection with the Sirius Star.

Other than having the ancient Egyptian healing science as its backbone, this healing modality includes receiving energy transmissions and healing knowledge on awakening (i.e. powering-up) the human’s higher dimensional bodies for experiencing an accelerated expansion of consciousness.  


Is there any reason for introducing Sirius Star Rising© healing course at this particular time?

Possibly for the purpose of rebalancing the great polarity currently manifested on Earth through fear-based human thinking and behaviours, resulting in increased tension, anxiety and general negativity experienced on an individual and world basis. 


Does one need to have prior experience in meditation, energy healing or have attended other similar trainings?

Not necessary at all.


December 2019


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About Course Facilitator, Amara Tia Ann

Amara Tia has served as a professional energy healer and channel since 2004, the year of the Venus Transit which brought about a powerful spiritual awakening for herself. She works with a wide range of highly evolved beings from the spirit world, including Archangels, Ascended Masters, Christed Star Beings and various Councils of Light, to transmit high frequency sound and light codes (Language of Light) and advanced spiritual knowledge to support the evolution of Humanity. In recent years, she has been encouraged by her guides to take on an expanded teaching role by conducting her workshops and courses in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and by leading spiritual tours. More information on Amara Tia and the numerous channeled materials she has published are available at her website Subscribe as a Follower if you wish to receive her channeled messages and event updates via email. 

“The course was a wonderful integration of mind, body, heart and spirit to connect with our Higher Selves and channel from the Higher Realms. Always from a space of Love and Light, the energy activations, along with the theories explained and exercises given for practice, helped me strengthen my trust and confidence in unique ways Spirit communicates with each one of us. Thank you, Ann, Andy, Thoth and Lady Nada!”  – DJ, participant of SoulTalk Course, Singapore, Sept 2019

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Date: 18 & 19 April 2020 (2-Day workshop)

Time: 9:30am to 4:30pm on both days

Venue: Healing House, 18 Magnolia Street, Wack-Wack Village, Mandaluyong City, PH

Fees: USD 350 + PHP 2,500 per person; PHP2,500 non-refundable reservation fee (includes lunch & snacks)

Payment Deadline: 20 March 2020

Registration: Send an email to or viber/whatsapp at +639209514056