Energy Clearing Session

Tita Moi Francisco has served as a mentor to me for the past 10 years.  Our journey began way back in 2006 when she was conducting seminars on Life Skills using a cellular approach to understanding how one can overcome personal life challenges. A best friend of mine introduced her to me and since then I have had a transformed life.

She helped me heal parts of me I never knew I surrendered to my painful experiences in life.  She has helped me deal with my victim mentality and has always been a catalyst for change to happen in my life. 

When I would attend the Friday Energy Clearing Sessions I would experience restful sleep, a calmer mind and disposition and liberation from my fears and worries. Over the years, these one-on-one sessions have allowed me to receive healing from her, and from angelic beings and my own personal guides.

I cannot thank her enough for her selfless commitment to seeing me heal myself emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. I am truly grateful for the loving, healing energies she provides through her prayers, the music she creates through the crystal bowls, and her presence that is subtle and yet so powerful and light.

If you want to experience this for yourself, I recommend you see her regularly and experience her gift that will bring out your own. Through her guidance, I discovered my own channeling and healing  gifts. I am grateful for her life and I encourage you to attend her clearing sessions, they changed my life. -- Karen Cindy

As a spiritual seeker for the longest time, having gone to the ends of the world for spiritual enlightenment and empowerment, I found the clearing session as the easiest, most comfortable means to know and celebrate your TRUTH. By lying down on the mattress, as if in a spa, you will feel your blockages being cleared one by one leading to the realization that you are one with all that is -- no pretensions, no limitations, no excuses -- only harmony, prosperity and divinity. With the session, all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory! And so it is! -- EBR Casillano

I felt relaxed and renewed. -- G Dupaya

At first, I was just absorbing the energy. I didn't hear the sounds of the crystal bowls but just felt the vibrations. I felt like flying. Then, little by little, I started hearing the sounds getting louder and louder and I couldn't think of anything. My mind just went blank... -- RF Danganan

The session was very timely and made me feel relaxed and relieved. I felt numbness, coldness and extreme heat. It felt so good that I saw myself travelling to different parts of the country and most especially to the one I love, my family and daughter. I felt so good that I fell asleep but my mind was awake and I saw things in better light and perspective. This is one of the most beautiful things I've done in my lifetime and I will suggest this to my friends and relatives. -- J Molino

First of all, the space itself is healing. the crystal bowls really recreated a vibrational healing energy. The session has the following effects: deeply relaxing, calms/clears the mind, alignment of body-soul. Thank you po. -- L Tolentino

The experience was extraordinary. Along the process, I felt every weight was lifted, I felt so much lighter after the session. There was something remarkable about the touch and the sound that suddenly I felt good. I hope I can do this more often so I can heal. -- Amy

I felt that I have been on a long journey. I felt like I was flying on air, feeling very light and comforted. The feeling was soothing and incredible. -- J Warde

After the healing session, I felt so good and everything was light. I can still remember the light striking me at the first part of the session. I could say that I feel better now and it helped me release all the negative vibes in me. -- MC Guzman

I am grateful that I decided to come. The experience today is totally not what I expected. I felt warmth, the love and appreciation. The healing session was able to open and validate realities that I am currently experiencing. I saw two colors during the healing. The first one was violet and the second one was green. Moi helped me understand the symbolism of the colors which actually correlates to my present situation. I feel light. The sounds of the crystal made me feel more relaxed. Thanks to Atho for bringing me here. -- Chyd

Extraordinary experience. This healing session has helped me cope with my Mom's loss and has made me accept it. It also helped me to be focused and be in the proper frame of thinking in times of depression and pressure. -- MG Mendoza

The healing brings harmony in our family most especially the kids. They are calmer and happier. We really appreciate your healing. More blessings to you. -- C Ramirez

Gumaan po pakiramdam ko at lahat ng nangyayari sa akin naaayon sa "desire" ng isipan ko. Minsan nga po nagtataka ako pero I need more healing po siguro. -- M de la Cruz

The healing makes me feel good and energized. That night, I slept peacefully, felt calm and having positive attitude and thoughts. -- R Galanta

I sleep easily and soundly. My disposition in life is better. I don't take problems like a disaster but a door to improvement and the acceptance should be positive. I can easily shift negative feelings to positive to get rid of becoming a victim. I am sharing my nice experiences to my firends. -- S Gureng

Spiritual Dowsing

When Tita Moi discovered a new modality by dowsing through a pendulum, I was able to experience the lifting of heavy burdens in my life and letting them go. She was able to remove entities that were blocking my path and helped me see that there are other ways to release the negativities in my life. I left every session feeling lighter and more myself, authentic, and clearer with how I saw myself, an infinite being who has personal power. -- Karen Cindy

Soul Realignment

Knowing my soul's origin and energetic divine gifts through the Soul Realignment process allowed me to accept that I have made choices in my past life that didn't work for me and now I can change that. It felt like I understood more now what all this was about, why I ended up here and how I can make new choices that will spell a difference for my future and how I can help others discover their divine gifts as well.   

The prayer I had to say for 21 days was empowering and uplifting...it allowed me to develop a habit of meditation and clarity each day. It also made me understand that the highest good of all will prevail. All I need to do is tap into the Creator's love and from that safe place, all of life will come to me with ease, joy and glory. 

I am forever grateful to Tita Moi for always seeing my spirit and helping me heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Try it,  and see for yourself. -- Karen Cindy

Millenium Method

I'm proof that this method works in creating transformation in one's life.  I set a goal for my health to get better and it has proven to be a catalyst in making it happen for me...I'm on my 68th day of detox and simplifying my life to achieve the best me I could ever be and I am very happy with the results thus far, from losing weight, to sleeping better, having all the help I need and feeling more love for myself in every way possible. Thank you, Tita Moi for the blessing that you are to me! I love you. -- Karen Cindy

Metatron Pemdant

When I got my Metatron pendant, I felt really excited! I immediately felt warmth, comfort, protection and light all around me -- even beyond my physical body. Having this with me all the time, I can easily stay grounded and focused. There have been a number of instances that I knew the pendant is protecting me from negative and non-beneficial energies around.

There was a time when I was speaking with a troubled friend over the phone, and this person was sharing all his fears about seeing "dark forces" surrounding him. I grabbed my Metatron beside my bed, and in an instant, I felt a light of protection immediately enveloping my being. It's that powerful!

It makes me think and choose better options in my life -- things that would bring me true joy and peace. Wearing it all the time helps me increase my vibrations during my meditations and connections with my higher self and spirit guide. It is also now easier for me to look at people in their best selves.

I certainly recommend this pendant! Allow yourself to experience your higher truth, in ONENESS. – G Gureng

My niece Tin Tin gave me the metatron last year.  I thought it was a cool pendant that has a unique design.  The effect on me while wearing it daily was unexpected.  I started to feel calm and experience inner peace.  I do not dwell on my worries in life anymore.  They just flash in my mind and then immediately disappear.  Wearing it at night also helps me sleep well and feel refreshed the following morning.

The Metatron pendant has become my regular accessory.  I get compliments for it.  It may be a small pendant but it had made a huge difference on how I view life and its challenges. - I Alsol (Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.A.)

When I go out using the Metatron pendant, whatever moods or dilemmas that others are experiencing, I'm not affected. This is so different from what I usually experienced before. And the crystal generator's clearing effect is simply amazing. Indeed, it clears negative emotions & thoughts. Life truly is beautiful. I am simply grateful. =)  - J Decolongon

I am the usual skeptic that do not believe in the empty promises of crystal stones that do not provide anything but a garland to one's body. But the Metatron pendant was highly recommended by a good friend thus, I succumbed to her suggestion. Surprisingly, it changed the way I think and feel about the world and myself. I was proven wrong since I used the pendant for some months now. I observed that most of the people I worked with were afflicted by some kind of illness and had to leave from work, but I stayed in the pink of health....

Before using the Metatron pendant there were some disturbances in my sleep. I could feel some phantoms lurking around and I could not contain the fear no matter how I fervently recite prayers. Since using the pendant I have control over my fears and could feel an invisible protection from the unfathomable presence. Not only does it work to the unseen but also the living and breathing. One time, someone whose energy was too strong to contain, I was almost pulled closer to an unknown danger but I clasped my pendant and whispered for the person to disappear. After a few seconds the person left and I felt at peace.

The pendant brings awareness in the most indecisive moments, it speaks to me when I need it, it tells me to clasp it or move it closer to my head and then I am transported to a safe haven.

From a skeptic now, I BELIEVE! - T Mabanes

My experience in wearing the Metatron pendant has been really life changing.  It makes me feel spiritually grounded -- the space of warmth, calmness, very welcoming and comforting to my soul.  This bearing lead me to make better choices for myself and how I positively relate with people.  There were increased clarity, intuitively understanding what people really wanted to say and also, helped me gain more focus.

The  Metatron pendant gave me an edge in emotional balance by not letting negative emotions linger.  The passing loss and grief when my grandfather died was swift -- not that I did not feel anything, rather it made me more accepting of my "mourning" that I let go of it easily.  Despite the grief, it also made me feel grateful for the people who showed care and sincerity in their well meaningful words and gestures to our family.  The intensity of my feelings were present, but it did not interfere with my better judgment. - T Aqui

Crystal Quartz Generator

"I have to share with you, T_____ was not feeling well, I was using the crystals to clear for him . Then he took the crystal and cleared himself. When he was done he said pain all gone!" (Note: T_____ is five years old.) -- YM